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Welcome to Felix

For vendors, Felix offers a central platform where you can connect with a range of customers, maintain compliance information across multiple projects, and receive and respond to new work opportunities. 

Profile management

Our mission is to empower vendors to manage the information made available to the organisation's they perform work for. This sees the streamlining of onboarding and prequalification processes, and gives you greater visibility with your customers.

Felix's profile features ensure you:

  • Complete onboarding only once per organisation, not per project.
  • Receive notifications of expiring compliance documents.
  • Manage any change to business details from a central platform.


Once approved, vendors have the ability to engage with organisations using our tendering features. This allows you to receive and respond to Expressions Of Interest and Requests For Quotation via the platform. 

Our tendering features allow you to:

  • Receive notifications of new work opportunities.
  • Respond to EOI/RFQs at your own pace by saving your progress.

Next steps

We're a growing platform with a range of planned features soon to be made available to our users. These currently include contract management features to help organisations engage your services quicker using a single platform, and an open marketplace where your services can be discovered by a range of organisations.

Right now, however, if you haven't already you'll soon receive instructions from your customer about how to register a Felix account. For further information visit our article on receiving your first invite.

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