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How to search the vendor listing

The vendor listing is a central location where you can view, filter, search and sort your vendors based on the criteria you set.

Tip:  You can learn more about the vendor listing by reading our guide; Understanding the vendor listing.

How to access the vendor listing

The vendor listing can be accessed directly from your Felix dashboard, simply log in and click the Vendors button in your navigation bar.

You can use basic and advanced filters to help locate specific vendor profiles or create custom views so that you can quickly find the information you require.

Searching the vendor listing

The Quick Search field in the vendor listing allows you to search for vendors based on their Business Name, Business Number, or ID, simply select the relevant search type you would like to perform from the drop-down menu beside the Quick Search field, enter the relevant details and click the blue Search button.

Felix also allows you to search the vendor listing based on a vendor's Status and/or Panel they are registered against using the Vendor Status and Panels drop-down menus.

You can narrow down your search further using Felix's advanced filters. Click the Show Filters button to unfurl another row that allows you to search for vendor profiles by Panel Status, Tags, Category, Country and/or Performance Score.

Applying a filter will automatically update your vendor listing to ensure your results meet the criteria. You can remove a filter by clicking the X button beside the filter name.

Using custom views

Felix allows you to customise the vendor listing to sort your results and only display information that you deem as relevant.

Clicking the Columns drop-down menu allows you to select which columns are displayed as part of your vendor listing. You can use the check boxes in this drop-down menu to select which columns you would like displayed.

Tip:  You can learn more about creating and using custom views by reading our guide; How to use custom views.

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