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How to create an evaluation template

Felix allows your teams to perform collaborative evaluations against custom weighted criteria. You may evaluate vendor performance, their response to an RFQ or specific quote items.

Create an evaluation template

To create an evaluation template:

  1. Navigate to Tools > Evaluation Templates from your Felix dashboard
  2. Click the Add Template button
  3. Enter a Template Title in the field provided
  4. (Optional) Check the box beside Use this template to calculate Vendor Performance Scores
  5. Click the Create Template button
  6. Enter a Weighting, as a percentage, for this criteria in the field provided     
  7. Click the Add Criteria button
  8. Enter the question that should be applied to this criterion in the Question Title field
  9. Click the Add Question button
  10. Select the appropriate Question Type from the drop-down menu
  11. (Optional) If you have selected a Scale as the question type, you can check the box beside Do you need to define a scale? to define what each number on the scale represents
  12. (Optional) Check the box beside Allow respondent to upload documents if you wish to allow the person completing the question to attach supporting documents
  13. (Optional) Check the box beside Comments are mandatory if you require the respondent to add a mandatory comment when answering the question
  14. (Optional) Click the Add New Question button if you want to add a question to the same criteria, then repeat steps 9-12
  15. Click the Add New Criteria button
  16. Repeat Steps 7-13 until you have added all the required criteria
  17. Click the Save and Continue Later button to save your template
  18. Click the Publish Template button to allow the template to be used

Note:  The total weighting across all criteria must equal 100%.
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