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How to prepare an approval

If your organisation is using Approval Workflows it's likely that you'll need to prepare an approval when using Felix. Preparing workflows is a quick process that allows you to provide key details for approvers to review and select the appropriate approval route.

Preparing an RFQ approval

To send an RFQ that requires approval, you'll need to prepare an approval for each individual service. How to:

  1. Proceed to step five of the RFQ
  2. Click the Prepare Approval Workflow button
  3. Review the details of the RFQ & service
  4. Respond to the questions included as part of the approval template
  5. Select an appropriate approval group and route
  6. Click the Save button
  7. Click the Send for Approval button to finalise

Once the approval workflow has been sent, email notifications will be sent to the first level approver(s) notifying them of their enrolment in the approval workflow.

You will be unable to make changes to the RFQ and approval responses once it has been sent for approval. Please ensure you have completed all changes before submitting the approval.

Preparing an RFA approval

If you clicked the Start Approval button when recommending a vendor for an award you will be directed to the creation page for the approval instance and can start from step seven below.

To request approval for an award:

  1. Navigate to Projects & Quotes > Requests for Quotation from your Felix dashboard
  2. Hover over the more icon beside the relevant RFQ
  3. Select View Details from the drop-down menu
  4. Navigate to the Engagements & Awards tab of the RFQ
  5. Locate the relevant pending engagement
  6. Click the Edit Workflow button beside the relevant RFA engagement
  7. Review the Recommendation for Award Details section
  8. Respond to the questions. These may consist of a mix of mandatory and/or non-mandatory questions and document uploads     
  9. In the Requires Approval By section, select the appropriate approvers for the RFA approval workflow
  10. Click the Send for Approval button
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