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How to Upload Documents to a RFQ

You can upload documents using the Groups Provided or you can Create your own. This page will list (if any) documents you include and send with your RFQ. If you have no documents to upload, you can skip this step.

Tip: You can also click the Down Arrow beside the Next: Documents button to Save and Continue Later. You can return to your saved RFQ at any time from your RFQ list.

To upload documents using the Groups Provided: 

  1. For each Document Group, click the Upload box or Drag and Drop files to upload them from your computer
  2. After adding all the required documents, click the Next: Add Services button

To upload documents using the Suggestions or to Create a Group:

  1. Locate the Start typing to search or create groups field at the bottom of the page. 
  2. Click the drop-down arrow to review and select from a list of Suggestions or enter the name of a new Document Group and click new label 
  3.  (If required) Click the Edit icon to the right of the Document Group to update its name
  4. (If required) Click the Delete icon to the right of the Document Group to remove it

Tip: You are only able to Edit or Delete non-default Document Groups.

After completing the RFQ documents section, the next step is to Add Services to your RFQ

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