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How to Create a Job Summary

The first stage of the RFQ creation process is the Job Summary section. In this section, you are required to outline details about your project as well as information and preferences for the RFQ.

To Create a Job Summary:

  1. Enter the Project Name in the field provided 
  2. Enter the Project Location Details (optional) and Project Area/Region
  3. Select a Project Status and Type of Work from the dropdown menu
  4. Select a single Close Date for the RFQ or select Use separate dates for each service from the dropdown menu
  5. Select the project Start and End Date
  6. Enter the Project Scope in the text field provided
  7. Nominate the number of Vendors to contact per service
  8. Check the box beside User Notifications to receive an email notification each time a vendor provides a quote (Optional)
  9. Check the box beside Quote Updates if you would like vendors to need permission to update their quotation (optional
  10. After entering all the required information, click the orange Next: Documents button

After completing the Job Summary section, the next step is to Upload documents to a RFQ.

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