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How to add compliance documents

Vendors have the ability to provide compliance documents as part of their prequalification. Requirements may be set for which documents a vendor must provide, and which documents can be optionally provided.

You can learn more about compliance documents by reading our guide; Introducing compliance documents.

Add a new compliance document

To add a new compliance document:

  1. Navigate to the Compliance Documents section of your prequalification by clicking the link in your application stepper.
  2. Click the Add New Document button in the top right corner. (If you are a new vendor and you can see the Add Now button below the application stepper, clicking it will automatically choose the required type of document you are to add but you can still upload new documents using the Add New Document button depending on your preference.)
  3. Select the appropriate type of document from the dropdown menu.
  4. Enter a title for the document in the field provided.
  5. Use the provider field to enter the details of the issuer of the document.
  6. Enter the policy number in the field provided.
  7. (If required) Enter the dollar value in the field provided.     
  8. Drag and drop the relevant file from your computer into the upload box provided.  
  9. Enter the date the document started in the Commencement Date field.
  10. Enter the date the document expires in the Expiry Date field.
  11. Use the checkbox to indicate if the document relates to your company or a specific item.
  12. Click the blue Save button.

If your insurance doesn't have a policy amount (e.g. Workers Compensation Insurance) it is recommended to enter 0 (Zero) in the Dollar Value field.

Refer to File Type Support for the list of file types accepted.

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