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How to update an RFQ

An organisation may grant you the ability to revise your quote as necessary. They may leave the RFQ open for updates, or need to provide express permission for you to update your quote.

In the case they provide express permission, you will receive an email notifying you of this option. Your client may optionally include a message to direct you on whats needed to be changed or expected to be changed in the update.

To check if an organisation has allowed a quote update for you spec:

  1. Navigate to Requests for Quotation from the main menu.
  2. Locate the RFQ you want to check by using the quick search or filters.
  3. Click on the RFQ Job Name or hover over the ellipsis icon and select View Details from the options.
  4. Go to the Response tab. You will see a banner at the top that will inform you that an organisation has allowed a quote update and see any messages available.
  5. Update your quote as necessary.
  6. After completing the necessary changes, click the Submit update button. A pop-up will open.
  7. (Optional) Click the Email me a confirmation of my submission checkbox if you want to receive an email notification that you have submitted an update to your original quote.
  8. Click the Submit button in the pop-up to confirm. The organisation will receive an email notification that you have updated your original quote.

When making changes to your quote, be sure to double-check all the information you have entered.
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