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Introducing services

Felix allows you to list the services that you provide to an organisation and are able to quote on. The services that are listed on an account allow organisations to match relevant vendors depending on their needs.

During onboarding, you will need to add at least one service per organisation. An organisation may limit the services you are able to choose from depending on your membership to certain panels.

Having an accurate and up to date listing of your services will better help organisations to match with your business when searching for specific services or issuing an RFQ.

You can learn more about working with services by reading our guide; How to add a service.

Service types

Felix splits services into three types:

  • Hire Equipment (Wet & Dry)
  • Trades
  • Products

  • Wet Hire refers to the hire of equipment with an operator. Dry Hire is the hire of equipment without an operator.
  • You can filter your service listing by service type. Navigate to Services from your Felix dashboard to view your service listing, then use the Service Type drop-down menu and click the blue Filter button. Only services of the chosen type will be shown.

Service terms

Felix allows you to specify the service terms for services that you have added to your account. You can only add service terms for Hire Equipment service types where you can specify the minimum and maximum hire terms.

You can learn more about setting the service terms for your services by reading our guide; How to update service terms.

Service availability

The service availability setting allows you to indicate which organisations and panels a particular service should be made available to. You can make a service available to multiple panels and organisations at the same time.

You can learn more about updating a service's availability in our guide; How to update service availability.

Organisations have the ability to configure which service categories can be made available to a panel. Some of your services may not be able to be made available to every panel you are registered against.

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