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Introducing your vendor profile

Your vendor profile is a central location that contains information about your business. Your vendor profile allows you to add and track general details as well as contacts, logos and company documents.

To access the vendor profile, navigate to Profile > Edit Profile from your Felix dashboard.

General Details

The General Details section of your vendor profile contains details about your business such as the ABN and tax details as well as your website and work type/s.

If you have previously begun onboarding for an organisation this section may already be pre-filled.

Contacts & Additional Contacts

The Contact Details section outlines the contact details for the primary account owner. These are the details that organisations and Felix will use to reach out to you as a vendor.

The Additional Contacts section allows you to add and manage the contact details for additional individuals who should receive email and SMS notifications of new RFQs and other communications.

The Request for Quotation Contacts section allows you to list contacts who can be forwarded RFQs.

Individuals listed in the Request for Quotation Contacts section will not be automatically forwarded RFQs. If you would like to nominate individuals to receive email and/or SMS notifications of new RFQs, it is recommended to use the Additional Contacts section.

For security purposes it is a good practice to list at least one additional contact. This can help with the account recovery process if you ever happen to lose your login details.

Profile Description, Company Logo & Profile Banner

These sections allow you to personalise your Felix vendor profile.

The Profile Description section allows you to enter a description of your business.

The Company Logo section can be used to upload a picture of your company logo, whilst the Profile Banner section allows you to upload a banner picture for your company. (e.g. A photo of your team.)

Company Documents

The Company Documents section allows you to upload documents such as pricing guides, hire agreements and company information.

The documents you upload here are not organisation specific and will be visible to any organisation you have been invited to.

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