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How to leave a panel

Panels are used by organisations to arrange vendors into groups. If an organisation is using listed panels, you may choose to leave a panel at any time.

Tip:  To learn more about what panels are and how they are used, you can read our guide; Introducing panels.

Leave a panel

To leave a panel that you've previously registered for:

  1. Navigate to the Panel Selection page from your application stepper
  2. Locate the panel you wish to leave
  3. Click the red Leave button beneath the relevant panel
  4. Click the blue Save button to confirm

Warning:  Standard rates that have been applied to services on a panel will disappear from your profile if you leave or remove your services from the panel at any time.

Tip:  Organisations set their own requirements for their panels. If you are unsure of your panel registrations, it is best to reach out to the organisation directly.

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