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How to provide a job history

Felix allows vendors to provide the details of past projects that they have supplied or worked on. The Experience section allows you to share your job history with organisations you are onboarding for to present yourself as an experienced vendor.

Tip:  Organisations are able to set the job history requirement as mandatory or optional. If an organisation has indicated that it is mandatory to provide a job history, the task will be highlighted in yellow in your application stepper. You will not be able to submit your application until this task has been completed.

Add experience

To add experience to your Felix profile:

  1. Click the Provide Job History button to the right of your application stepper
  2. Click the orange Add New button in the top right corner
  3. Enter the name of a project you have previously worked on in the Project Name field
  4. Enter the name of the client you were contracted by in the field provided
  5. Begin typing the location the project took place in the Project Area/Region field
  6. Select the relevant location from the drop-down menu     
  7. Select the appropriate sector from the Sector/Industry drop-down menu
  8. Enter a number in the Job Completion field to represent the progress of the project     
  9. Use the Contract Value field to indicate the total value of your engagement on this project
  10. (If known) Enter the total project value in the field provided
  11. Select the project start and end dates
  12. Use the Summary field to enter a description of the project
  13. Enter the contact details of a referee from the project in the fields provided
  14. Tick the box beside the relevant organisation/s that you wish to share the details of this project with
  15. Click the blue Save button

Note:  For projects that have taken place outside of Australia, you will not be required to select the relevant location. Instead you are able to type the location details in the field provided.

Tip:  Entering 0 (Zero) in the Job Completion field will indicate that the project has not yet started. Entering 100 (One-hundred) will indicate that the project has been completed.

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