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Introducing the application stepper

The application stepper is an easy way to track the progress of your onboarding application for each organisation. You can access each section of your onboarding application via the application stepper.

You can view your application stepper/s from your Felix dashboard. Each organisation you have been invited to onboard for will have a separate application stepper, allowing you to track the progress of each application.

The name of the organisation is displayed on the left-hand side of the application stepper. Underneath the organisation's name is the status of your application, along with the date that the status was last updated.

The progress of your application is indicated by the blue progress bar. The progress bar indicated which step of the application you are currently working on. You can access each step of your application by clicking the section name under the progress bar. Alternatively, you can click the blue Continue button to automatically take you to the next step.

Depending on an organisation's onboarding requirements, your application stepper may show a different number of sections that need to be completed. Organisations may also request you to provide further information, such as a job history. These can be seen to the right-hand side of the application stepper. If the organisation has set these tasks as mandatory you will need to complete them before you are able to submit your application.

Note:  The onboarding process is sequential. You will not be able to access a section if you have not already completed the previous section. However, you can return to a previous section at any time prior to submitting your application to review or update details.

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