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How to request a contract deviation

Sometimes you may need to deviate from the standard terms and conditions of an engagement. Felix gives you the ability to request contract deviations prior to submitting your quote response.

You will not be able to submit a contract deviation request after agreeing to the standard terms and conditions and/or submitting a quote response. Please review the standard terms and conditions thoroughly prior to accepting them and submitting your quote.

Request a contract deviation

To request a contract deviation:

  1. Navigate to the relevant RFQ
  2. Under "Does your organisation accept the standard contract terms and conditions for this engagement?," click the No button
  3. After being directed to the Contract Deviation Management tab of the RFQ, click the Create Contract Deviation button
  4. Use the drop-down menu to select the relevant service
  5. Enter the clause number that you wish to create a deviation request for
  6. Enter the details of the existing clause in the field provided
  7. Enter the details for the suggested clause in the field provided
  8. Enter the reason you are deviating from the standard contract terms in the field provided
  9. Click the Create button
  10. Click Yes to confirm
  11. (Optional) Repeat steps 2-11 for any additional clauses you are creating a deviation request for
  12. Once all required clauses have been entered, click the Send Deviation Requests button
  13. Click the Yes button to confirm

You can only send your contract deviation requests to the organisation once. Please ensure you have added all required clauses before sending your request.

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