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How to update a contract deviation request

When you submit a contract deviation request, it is sent to the organisation for approval. You may be asked to update your request to comply with the organisation's requirements.

Contract deviation requests can only be updated once. Please ensure you have made all required changes prior to submitting your updated request.

Update a contract deviation request

To update a contract deviation request:

  1. Navigate to the relevant RFQ
  2. Click on the Contract Deviation Management tab inside the RFQ
  3. Locate the clause/deviation request that you wish to update
  4. Click the Details button beside the relevant clause
  5. Update the deviation request as required
  6. Click the Update button

After clicking the Update button your request will become locked for editing. You will not be able to update your contract deviation request further. Please ensure all required updates have been made prior to clicking the Update button.

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