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Address field issues

This workaround and information is for users of our Vendor Portal.


Recently we released an update adding Google autocomplete functionality to our Address fields intended to save time when entering addresses, as well as provide some validation to help limit the chances of entering an address incorrectly. Since it was deployed we've received feedback from users and identified a number of limitations with the field and our Product team are actively working on improvements for this feature.

In the mean time please use the below instructions if you require assistance completing this field.

How to complete the address field

The address field is currently made up of two separate fields. The top field is a Search Address box allowing you to search for your street address, the bottom field indicates the Address once you have selected it.

To complete the Address field:

  1. Enter a street address into the Search Address field.
  2. Select the correct address form the Google autocomplete drop down.
  3. Check that the address has been inserted into the Address field.


If you're unable to get your address to appear try the following tips.

  • Ensure you aren't entering a PO Box or ranged street address.
  • Try the address without any words at the front (i.e. Unit, Lot).
  • Format the address using: <Unit Number> / <Street Number> <Street Name>.
  • Confirm you've selected the correct country in the Country field.
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