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What are security groups

Security Groups offer administrators a fine level of control over the features and information their users interact with when using Felix.

The features available within Felix can be restricted based on the permissions they require. Permissions are granted separately for each security group, to allow users to perform certain actions within the platform.

Global security groups

We provide two out of the box security groups which are available to every vendor. These roles cannot be edited and provide a base permissions structure.

Vendor AdministratorThe administrator role is designed for administrative, management and oversight functions. Users in this group can perform all actions on Felix.
Vendor Standard UserA standard user has the ability to carry out day-to-day functions within Felix.

They'll be able to interact with enterprise applications, RFQs, and manage the business profile, however, they won't have access to administration features.

Customer security groups

Custom security groups offer a flexible structure that can better suit your business roles and needs.

Administrators can create additional security groups, which can then be assigned to users. Users can belong to one or more groups, depending on the structure and specific requirements of the business.

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