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Creating new payment details

Payment Details allow you to provide your bank account details. Once provided, each organisation will validate the set of payment details made available to them on Felix.

Payment details are created against an individual organisation and can't be shared between organisations.

When onboarding for the first time as a new vendor to an organisation, you'll need to create a new set of details.

If you're an international vendor, you'll be asked to provide an IBAN and Swift code.

How to create new payment details

To create Payment Details in Felix perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard > Payment Details.
  2. Click Add New Payment Details.
  3. Complete the mandatory fields in each section.
  4. Click Save Payment Details.

Once you have submitted a set of payment details and they've been reviewed, you'll receive notification as to whether they've been approved or declined by the organisation.

You can add multiple bank account details together with your application.

  • Supporting Document requirements are set by each individual organisation, if you're unsure what to provide it's best to reach out to the organisation for assistance.
  • Felix has a High-Risk Activity notification which will alert organisations when a vendor has updated both their password and payment details within a short period of time which may indicate an unusual or suspicious activity.

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