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About vendor account merges

Felix accounts can be merged if they belong to the same legal entity and have matching business numbers. Below are some frequently asked questions about merging vendor accounts.

What accounts can I merge together?

At this time we can merge Felix vendor accounts, including both Enterprise and Marketplace accounts. We are unable to merge searcher and vendor accounts, or organisation accounts.

Are there any conditions to merging accounts?

To ensure accurate record keeping of critical business details for companies a vendor engages with, it's only possible to merge together accounts which have matching business numbers. If two or more accounts belong to separate legal entities, it isn't possible for us to merge them at this time.

What happens during an account merge?

When an account merge takes place all users, services, RFQs, and organisation memberships are transferred from one account to another. The empty account is deactivated once this is complete.

Is it possible to undo an account merge?

Due to the process that takes place when merging accounts, it isn't possible for this to be undone as all information contained within one account is updated to point to the new account. An account merge is a permanent action.

How can I request an account merge?

The quickest way to request an account merge is to get in touch with our team, providing the email address of the account you wish to merge out of and the account you wish to merge into.

Can I request an account merge on behalf of another business?

Requests for account merges must be received from at least one of the participant parties. We are unable to accept requests from third parties. This includes forwarded emails.

Does any verification take place before an account merge?

Once we've received a request to merge accounts, our team will reach out to verify the request with the other account owner. This is a precautionary measure to prevent accidental account merges.

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