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Felix pre-go live email for your team - Senior Stakeholders

This email can be used to educate your Senior Stakeholders of the upcoming implementation of Felix in your business.

Primer email example

Hi {Name},


{Company Name} are excited to announce that we will be implementing a new procurement technology called Felix.


The platform will (insert additional key benefits):


  • Dramatically reduce offline and highly manual processes.
  • Reduce risk by improving audit trails and probity.
  • Inform and accelerate decision making for staff in the field.
  • Enhance our speed to market and improve the experience for our valued vendors.
  • Improve engagement with local suppliers.
  • Future proof the group’s procurement function.


Felix is completely free for our vendors (suppliers, subcontractors and service providers) to use and they will receive real-time alerts to help them manage their profile and keep crucial information up to date; in turn, reducing the administration that currently burdens our staff.


We will be announcing a series of informative engagement workshops that will be held across the business in the coming weeks. 


For any questions in the interim, please contact {insert name}

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