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Verifying emails from Felix

If you have received an email that appears suspicious and you are uncertain about its authenticity as a communication from Felix, you can utilise the following steps to assist you in verifying its legitimacy as official correspondence from the platform.

Remain vigilant for any emails that appear suspicious and always access Felix through the authenticated link:

What to look for to verify an email

1. Verify who sent the email

Emails from Felix will be sent from an email address with a email domain (e.g. If the From field shows another email domain, it's unlikely to have been sent from us.

2. Check the recipient address

Our platform and marketing emails will always be sent directly to you. Check the To field to ensure your email address is listed as the recipient.

3. Look for our branding

We'll always send emails with the Felix logo or a customer's logo, and the fonts will be consistent within the email. Emails with broken images or unformatted fonts can indicate that the email is not legitimate.

What to do if you receive a fraudulent email

If you've received an email that turns out to be fraudulent, the best thing to do is delete it permanently from your inbox. This ensures the email and any attachments are removed from your computer systems, reducing the chance that someone might accidentally click on a link or download any files.

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