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March 2023

March 17, 2023

Sealed Bidding to help ensure probity in your sourcing process - now at the project level.

Available for: Sourcing

Sealed Bidding is the ability to keep RFQ responses hidden from stakeholders until the RFQ has closed. 

You can already use Sealed Bidding for the whole organisation in Felix, but we understand that not all projects want to be governed that way, so flexibility at the project level was desired.

Sealed Bidding can now be configured per project. This means all responses for RFQs assigned to a configured project will remain confidential until the RFQ is closed, bringing you some of the probity controls your organisation and clients expect. 

Turn on Sealed Bidding for your project.

Turn on Sealed Bidding in your project settings

March 9, 2023

Enhancements to Pricing Schedule

Available for: Sourcing

  • Automatic scrolling when adding adjustments: When adding adjustments in the Pricing Schedule comparison, you will be automatically taken to the new section that you've just added, saving you time instead of scrolling down to the bottom of the schedule. This is very handy for long schedules.
  • Page spacing improvements: We've added more spacing to the bottom of the Pricing Schedule, making it easier for you to interact with the last few rows on the schedule.

March 6, 2023

Avoid duplication of column names in Procurement Schedule

Available for: Procurement Schedule

Some of you may have noticed that if you named two columns to the same, then working out which one to show/hide in the hidden fields function was near impossible. Fields are now organised better in the show/hide list and we added functionality to stop duplicate column names.

An example of the functionality added to stop duplicate column names in Procurement Schedule

March 1, 2023

Enhancements to the document title for InEight Document or Aconex files

Available for: Sourcing

If you're using the InEight Document or Aconex integration to import documents into your RFQ, we've updated the document title format to provide additional details. You and your vendors will not only see the document name, but also the document number, revision number and document status when importing and downloading the documents in Felix. This will help you ensure that the right documents are imported to Felix, while vendors will clearly understand which document revision they are using, reducing confusion and risk for incorrect updates.



January 2023

January 25, 2023

Better recognise what row you're working in

Available for: Procurement Schedule and Sourcing (Pricing Schedule)

When clicking on a cell in Procurement Schedule or in Pricing Schedule (Sourcing module), the whole row is now highlighted so you can keep track of what row you’re working in.  You will also notice rows are highlighted as you hover and moving your mouse cursor across the schedule.

An example of highlighted rows in Procurement Schedule

January 24, 2023

Keep track of RFQ responses by manually updating on behalf of a vendor

Available for: Sourcing

We’ve heard from you that understanding the latest quote coverage for your procurement packages is a key driver of success for your project procurement. Having this information in one place, and always up to date is important so that you can adjust the sourcing tactics as needed with your team.

However, bidders are all different in how they are setup to tender. They don't always get around to loading their response in Felix and therefore, would appreciate some flexibility in how they can respond to your needs.

We’ve now added functionality that allows you to update an RFQ response on behalf of a vendor. 

You can upload attachments and comments for quotes received offline so that a vendor’s response is seen as Manually Quoted in Felix. You can do the same when a vendor declined the opportunity so that a vendor’s status appears as Manually Declined, so that you know not to follow up with that vendor.

The end result? You can now keep the whole team aligned in Felix with a single source of truth on quote coverage, even for offline responses. 

Refer to the Help Guide for more details, including how you can also put a Manually Quoted vendor forward for a Recommendation for Award.

Manually respond to an RFQ on behalf of a vendor

January 17, 2023

Clearly observe row numbers in larger schedules

Available for: Procurement Schedule and Sourcing

For those Procurement Schedule and Pricing Schedule users with a keen eye, you may have noticed the row numbers were cut off when more than three characters long. We've now fixed that.

December 2022

December 12, 2022

Seamlessly import project files from InEight Document into Felix

Available for: Sourcing

Have confidence in knowing your vendors have the most up-to-date tender information by integrating Felix and InEight Document.

Felix’s direct integration with InEight Document allows you to seamlessly and securely import documents, drawings, photos and other project files that support your RFQ.  

Felix checks InEight Document daily for any amendments made to documents attached to an RFQ. You can choose to sync these revisions to Felix and send to vendors, eliminating the need to manually update documents twice between the two platforms.  

To learn more:

What is the InEight Document integration?
Connecting Felix and InEight Document
Importing from InEight Document
Checking for InEight Document updates
Releasing InEight Document revisions

Felix directly connects to InEight Document, allowing you to easily import files directly into your RFQ

Be notified of suspicious activity around vendor payment details

Available for: Vendor Management

It's rare that a vendor will update both their password and payment details within a short period of time - we would consider this suspicious activity. To help monitor this behaviour, we've introduced a notification to alert organisations of this unusual activity coming from vendors, so you can take any necessary follow-up action.   

New notification that warns organisations of suspicious activity

November 2022

November 3, 2022

Easily change the validation of compliance documents

Available for: Vendor Management

Mistakes can happen, and human error means that sometimes compliance documents can be validated or declined by accident. Rather than having to reach out to the vendor to resubmit documentation, you can now update the validation of a compliance document yourself within Felix. Simply open the compliance document and click the pencil icon in the Outcome field to change the status to ‘validated’, ‘pending’ or ‘declined’.  

Change the status of compliance documents in the Outcome field

October 2022

October 28, 2022

Easily read the value of compliance documents with new formatting

Available for: Vendor Management

When observing the value of compliance documents within a vendor profile, we've added currency formatting so that these monetary values can be more easily understood.

See new currency formatting under Value column

October 27, 2022

New fields added to the Contracts CSV Report

Available for: Contract Management

We heard that you often distribute the contracts CSV report to other stakeholders and have further details captured in Felix you'd like to surface. We have therefore added the Internal Notes and Scope of Work fields to the CSV export.

See fields for Internal Notes and Scope of Works added to the CSV report

October 14, 2022

Provide more assurance in delivering value from your contracts

Available for: Contract Management

You and your team put in a ton of work to draft and negotiate your contracts. Delivering on the value post-execution requires a timely focus on deliverables, notices and other tasks. We understand that missing even one action can sometimes have significant downside for your business.  

We've added functionality to the Contract Management module that allows you to bring key dates to life, and connect reminders for your team to take action. 

Make key dates more accessible and bring them to life out of the contract document 

Don't miss critical dates or deadlines. Store and keep track of key dates in one summary view for your team and stakeholders to access quickly, without always having to start with searching the large contract document.   

Existing key dates are carried across from the Summary tab, and you can add your own

Organise your team and reduce risk by setting reminders 

Stay on top of important contract management deliverables and tasks by setting email reminders for team members.  

You can set reminders on, before, or after a key date specified in the key dates view - or simply set one for a specific date. And you can assign to team members other than the Contract Owner.  

Utilising reminders based off key dates in Felix starts to bring your static contract document "off the shelf" and to life for your team. 

Set reminders for a specific date, or connect them to a Key Date

October 13, 2022

Do more in one place with Pricing Schedule

Available for: Sourcing

We've added more power to the Pricing Schedule, allowing you to keep even more of your end-to-end RFP process in one place. 

Below is a summary of what's changed, however you can read the detailed information about the enhancements here.

With the Pricing Schedule, you can now:

  • Better organise and analyse pricing responses: Organise line-items into sections for easier review, with subtotals that provide an overview of pricing for each section. 
  • Take the guess work out of line-item responses: Visual cues on each line-item make it easy to identify what has been included in the quote, excluded or not priced.  
  • Normalise vendor pricing responses in Felix – including non-cost factors: Perform powerful quote normalisation directly in Felix and ensure you're comparing apples to apples.
  • Include offline responses in your analysis: Have Felix as your source-of-truth for all responses received all the information you need for comparison and analysis in one place. 
  • Simplify what you see on screen in your Pricing Schedule comparisons: A new vendor filter allows you to choose which vendors you want to see, and to drill down for a more narrowed focus.

October 7, 2022

Easily add all documents to the Packages tab when creating an RFQ

Available for: Sourcing

To speed up the process of creating an RFQ, once you've uploaded all the documents into your RFQ (step 2) and proceed to the packages tab (step 3), these documents will be pre-selected as the default option to include as an attachment. This also ensures any important documents are not left off the RFQ.

If a document isn't needed, it's easy to deselect before continuing with the RFQ creation process.

Files uploaded into Documents are included as attachments in the RFQ

October 5, 2022

Help internal teams understand why a vendor was invited

Available for: Vendor Management

When inviting a vendor to Felix, you can now capture vendor invite justification, so that approvers can understand the reason why a vendor is being invited, helping organisations to better manage their vendor base.

You can now: 

  • Select between a simple comment or a file upload: if your organisation requires paperwork justifying why a vendor is being invited to Felix, ensure all relevant information remains in one place by uploading files into your vendor invite, helping to improve internal efficiencies.  
  • Make justification comments optional or required: decide whether justification comments are required for every invitation to ensure a standardised approach or make them optional to give your users more flexibility. 
  • Attach vendor tags: attach vendor tags ahead of the vendor creation process in Felix so that approvers can see how the vendor being invited aligns with what’s important to your organisation and save time having to do this later down the track.   

Add further justification so that vendors can understand why that vendor is being invited to Felix

Learn more about how to invite a new vendor or how to invite a marketplace vendor

September 2022

September 15, 2022

Simplifying the RFQ response process for vendors

Available for: Vendors

We've made several enhancements to the way that vendors respond to RFQs in Felix, providing a more intuitive process for vendors, and ideally in turn, more RFQ responses for organisations. 

Below is a summary of what's changed, however you can read the detailed information about the enhancements here.

What's changed for vendors?

  • An improved RFQ response experience: the Response tab (previously the Items/Packages tab) has been renamed and its contents re-organised to make it easier to find and fill out what’s needed to quote on an RFQ. 
  • Confirmation of quote submission: as vendors would like more certainty of their quote submission, we’ve changed the experience to make this clearer, and added an optional email confirmation for your offline records. 
  • Navigation that better mimics the RFQ response process: tabs have been re-ordered to better reflect the workflow that’s followed when responding to an RFQ. 
  • Documents now only on the Documents tab: documents were cluttering the Response tab, so we’ve moved them on the Documents tab. But don’t worry, we will first direct you to this tab when you first open an RFQ. 

What's changed for organisations?

While these changes have no direct impact on the format of information your organisation receives in response to an RFQ, we think it’s useful to know what has changed for your vendors, in case you get any comments or questions.

Two ways you can create column groups

Available for: Procurement Schedule

No need to scroll to the end of the Procurement Schedule to click the '+' button and add column groups. Simply click the '+' button located in your column group header to reveal another option that allows you to perform this action.

Look for the '+' button in the column group header to create a new column group

September 14, 2022

Make sense of zip file downloads with new naming

Available for: Sourcing

When pressing the Download All button to obtain documents that a vendor responded with in an RFQ, Felix generates a zip file. We’ve added the vendor into the name of the zip file, so that you can easily distinguish between the zip files if downloading all documents from multiple vendors.

For example:



September 13, 2022

Enter accurate contract values for better reporting

Available for: Contract Management

We understand many customers issue $0 contracts such as Frame Agreements and don't wish to complicate reporting with a forced $1 value. So we now allow $0 contract values in the contract repository.

September 9, 2022

Enhancements to drop down lists in Procurement Schedule

Available for: Procurement Schedule

When using drop-down field types in the Procurement Schedule, you told us that in some instances the drop-down lists weren’t showing all the options that you can choose from. For example, when searching for a package status or a package category. This behaviour was due to paginated options in the drop-downs. 

We’ve made an improvement here to show all available options on click, so you don’t need to guess what options are available and can navigate the schedule a lot faster.

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